A St. Joseph resident who’s worked with election technology for more than 20 years said American voters can be confident in the election process.

Ed Smith is Vice President for Election Solutions for MTX. He once worked with Dominion Voting but left the company before it became infamous among supporters of former President Donald Trump, who claimed voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Smith said the key is the paper ballot used to verify the outcome.

“Whether it’s adversarial nations trying to come in from outside our borders and change the results of the election, or whether your concern is about an insider threat, you’re not going to change millions and millions of ovals and pieces of paper,” he said.

Smith also said he’s read anywhere from 800 to 900 affidavits filed in battleground states from people claiming to have witnessed voter fraud.

“They’re oftentimes well-meaning people,” he said. “They saw what they saw with their own eyes, and they thought that something nefarious was going on, but what they saw was actually normal, legal, ethical election practices. They just didn’t have the context to put those in place and understand what they were, what they were seeing.”

Smith defends the results of the 2020 presidential election, which put Joe Biden in the White House in 2021. And he said those who’ve contested the results have not been able to withstand judicial scrutiny.

“No matter how voluminous it seems, no matter how frequently people publicize what they believe is proof, it’s just not there,” he said. “When it comes to an adversarial setting where they can make their claims and someone has an opportunity to rebut them, and a neutral judge listens, they just fall apart completely.”

Smith urges skeptical voters to get involved. He suggests working as a poll worker or asking the local election authority, the county clerk, to give them a demonstration of how the office processes election results.

Brent Martin of KFEQ in St. Joseph contributed this report.

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