Could a blue wave hit the Show Me State for the upcoming elections? Democratic candidate for governor, Crystal Quade, seems to think so. She addressed that possibility while responding to a question on if she would veto the recently passed defund Planned Parenthood bill.

“The reality is, yes, the Legislature will be dominated by Republicans,” she said. “We do believe we’ll break the supermajority, so we have the opportunity to veto things that we strongly disagree with.”

Quade believes that Democrats will break the Republican supermajority in the House and Senate for the upcoming statewide elections. To break the supermajority, they would need to pick up about three seats in the House and two in the Senate.

She is one of five candidates vying for the Democratic nomination in Missouri’s primary election. Other Democrats running are Eric Morrison of Lee’s Summit, Sheryl Gladney of St. Charles, Hollis Laster of Normandy, and Mike Hamra of Springfield.

Despite taking a hardline stance on some issues, Quade said that she values bipartisanship. However, she draws the line on an ongoing GOP attempt to defund Planned Parenthood.

“Part of what I’ve learned in my time in Jefferson City as the (House) Democratic Leader is that compromise is okay, it’s not a dirty word. There are a lot of times where, you know, I have worked to get my bills passed and my pieces of legislation, my name just wasn’t on it,” said Quade. “You’ve got to find places with Republicans where you can do that. But yes, there are very specific things like defunding Planned Parenthood that I would absolutely veto.”

If elected governor, what would Quade do day one? She said that she would review the government agencies and who works there.

“One of them is making sure that the things we promised to Missourians are being done well and doing effectively,” Quade said. “You know we have been getting a lot of dings over the last few months and years around our Medicaid wait times, around losing children in the foster care system. I have folks contacting me about DMV wait times, how it takes sometimes over an hour to get a driver’s license renewed.”

One of her priorities is to invest in Missouri’s healthcare systems.

“We’ve had 18 rural hospitals close in the last decade in our state,” she said. “Not only do we have an access problem, we have an affordability problem. We lost a maternity ward in north St. Louis County not long ago. So, making sure that our budget is investing in things like healthcare access.”

Quade also wants to see more investment in public education and state employee pay.

Missouri’s Primary Election is Tuesday, August 6. Absentee voting is now underway.

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