Missouri’s new state budget year begins Monday. The state Legislature’s budget proposal is about $1 billion slimmer due to Gov. Mike Parson vetoing 173 items on Friday.

The new state budget is about $50.5 billion.

Parson said there was “a lot of overspending.”

“I think there was over 600 earmarks in the budget. There was a very high number this year to be able to do that. But look, we’ve got to make sure, I’m going to make sure that there’s enough finances available for the next generation, for the next administration that comes in,” Parson told reporters Thursday in Jefferson City.

A noteworthy veto is about $500 million to renovate the Missouri Capitol. Another one is a $150 million veto for the widening of Interstate 44 to six lanes in Springfield, Joplin, and Rolla. His budget action still leaves about $577 million in the widening project.

Parson said he’s vetoed so many items to try and prepare for extra spending mid-year.

“I think there was a little, things that I will just say, I don’t think the budget was exactly the reality of the number it should have been. I think you’ll see one of the largest supplementals at the beginning of next year that you’ve seen,” said Parson. “I’m telling you, I think that was more of a political gesture than it was anything. And look, the one thing that we’ve always tried to be is we’ve tried to be transparent and be open with the public. And you know, just to say you’re lower and you’re not paying your bills doesn’t make it right.”

Other vetoed items include:

•$12.5 million to buy land in McDonald County and create a state park
•$10 million to build additional passing lanes on Highway 65 between Buffalo and Warsaw
•$10 million for the Close the Gap program to help K-12 public school students get back on track academically
•$8 million for a parking garage in Jefferson City
•$7 million to improve a St. Louis Lambert airport terminal
•$6 million for U.S. – Mexico border security
•$5 million for the building of a behavioral health center at North Kansas City Hospital
•$5 million for the statewide operations of the Agricultural Extension Service
•$5 million for the construction of a hospital in Dunklin County
•$3.4 million for water infrastructure improvements in Pike County
•$3.2 million for a rate increase for developmental disabilities Day Habilitation care providers
•$3.1 million to launch a transit planning system and services for seniors, veterans, and the disabled in Platte County, Clay County, and Jefferson City
•$2.5 million for gun detection software in schools
•$2.5 million for a study to improve the Highway 36 corridor to Interstate 72
•$2.2 million for repairs and expansion of Route N in Jasper County
•$2 million to restore a building into a gospel music hall of fame, art museum and research center in St. Louis City
•$1.3 million for Missouri State University-West Plains to expand the Nursing and Allied Health Program
•$1 million for the Lincoln University Hemp Institute Program
•$1 million grant to a veteran-only, non-profit, homeless shelter in Columbia
•$1 million for Family Resource Centers in Jefferson City, St. Louis County, and Independence
•$750,000 for a six-month study of a school safety software program
•$500,000 for technology assistance for National Guard suicide prevention
•$500,000 for a courthouse and jail in Dallas County
•$500,000 for expansion of the Meat and Poultry Inspection Program
•$300,000 for a cybercrime task force in Jasper County
•$250,000 for a minority police officer recruitment and retention program in St. Louis
•$250,000 for homeless student impact centers
•$100,000 for a charity providing free organic vegetables to seniors, veterans, youth, and low-income families
•$100,000 for the implementation of a registration process for doulas to help child-bearing women
•$100,000 for a literacy enrichment program
•$50,000 for an urban agriculture education program
•$50,000 for a youth agricultural entrepreneurship program

A reoccurring message in many of the governor’s vetoes is about the projected annual cost of $400 million for Senate Bill 727, a wide-ranging education package.

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