One of the candidates for Missouri Secretary of State wants to create a grant program to fund installing security cameras at polling sites across the state. Republican Denny Hoskins said it would be a key weapon in fighting election fraud.

“We talk about a lady named Wanda in Connecticut who works at (a) clerk’s office in Connecticut. She was seen on video – security footage – stuffing ballots in one of the ballot drop boxes,” Hoskins told Missourinet. “We wouldn’t know about many of those cases of election fraud if we didn’t have security footage of that.”

Hoskins suggested that security cameras could be set up inside polling places and county election offices.

“Where the ballots are cast and where they’re counted is what we would focus on,” he said. “We don’t have any of those ballot drop boxes here in the state of Missouri, and so where’s there’s been security footage in other states, we wouldn’t need that because we don’t have those ballot drop boxes like other states do.”

He said video surveillance would not be used to film someone while they are voting.

Hoskins is running in the August 6th Republican primary against fellow Sen. Mary Elizabeth Coleman, House Speaker Dean Plocher, State Rep. Adam Schwadron, Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller, activist Jamie Corley, and attorneys Mike Carter and Valentina Gomez.

Three Democrats are running for Secretary of State: State Rep. Barbara Phifer of St. Louis; Monique Williams, a former auditor with the State Auditor’s office and the city of St. Louis; and Haley Jacobson, a registered nurse in St. Louis. One Libertarian is in the race: Carl Herman Freese of Foristell.

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