Absentee voting is underway for Missouri’s August 6th Republican and Democratic primaries. Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft is advising voters to find a sample ballot for their precinct, even if they’re not going to vote absentee.

“So they can be reminded what will be on the ballot, who the candidates are, what the issues are, and that way they can self-educate before the election,” Ashcroft told Missourinet.

Over the next six weeks, Missouri voters can request an absentee ballot by mail or vote absentee in person. You must meet certain requirements to vote absentee.

“That’s really for individuals…maybe they’re homebound, they can’t get to the polling place, they’re gonna be traveling on the polling day, a lot of times it’s poll workers that use it because they won’t be at their polling place,” Ashcroft said. “If you have one of those excuses you can use that six-week voting period.”

Domestic violence victims enrolled in an address confidentiality program can also vote absentee, and so can anyone in jail that has not lost their voting rights. People can also vote absentee if they have a religious exemption.

Those who cast an in-person absentee ballot must show a photo ID. In addition, no-excuse absentee voting will kick off July 23rd.

“You may do that, but you have to do it in person,” Ashcroft said. “You must have your government-issued photo ID. (Poll workers) are not allowed to provide provisional ballots during that two weeks of early voting.”

Both regular and no-excuse absentee voting will end August 5th, one day before the Republican and Democratic primaries.

Two proposed constitutional amendments are also on the August primary ballot – one would create childcare tax credits and the other would increase minimum funding for the Kansas City Police Department, which is run by the state.

More details on how to vote in Missouri can be found here.

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