Most of Missouri is under a Heat Advisory through 8:00 p.m. Tuesday. Meteorologist Brent Pesel, with the National Weather Service office in Kansas City, calls it a very “potent situation” to kick off summer.

“We’re looking at air temperatures in the mid to upper 90s, even some areas approaching 100 degrees, but those mid 90s continue for the next couple of days,” Pesel told Missourinet. “Moreover, the heat index is going to be above 100, some areas looking to be around 105 to 110.”

Pesel indicates there won’t be any relief at night, either.

“Definitely going to feel pretty rough out there,” he said. “Somewhat more of a concern as we go tonight into Tuesday morning, is the overnight low temperatures are looking to be around 80 degrees, so there’s not going to be too much relief from the heat overnight.”

Parts of north-central and northeast Missouri are not under the heat advisory, but temperatures there are still going to be hot. Humidity levels are playing a key role in how hot it feels.

“Especially when it comes to those heat index values, which is what we base some of our heat advisory criteria on,” Pesel said. “With those dew point temperatures residing around 70 degrees, it’s definitely going to make it feel quite muggy outside.”

Pesel recommends people check on friends, relatives, and neighbors that don’t have air conditioning to make sure they’re okay. Also, don’t leave children or pets unattended in locked cars.

Meanwhile, some isolated areas within the Heat Advisory could see some short-term relief in the form of pop-up showers.

“Sometimes the result of that is maybe it’s not going to get up to those heat index values of 100 degrees or so in those specific areas where it does rain,” Pesel said. “We know most people in Missouri have had that experience where it rains, you get a little bit of relief, and then the sun comes back out and it feels even more muggy and humid than it does before.”

Some short-term relief arrives Wednesday, as high temperatures are expected to drop down into the mid to upper 80’s for Wednesday and Thursday.

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