As gas prices slightly decline, one store in eastern Missouri’s Pacific will really see them plummet, for a few hours at least.

The conservative group Americans for Prosperity is hosting a gas price rollback on Friday at a gas station, in which the price of regular-unleaded will be $2.07 a gallon. Jeremy Cady is state director for the group’s Missouri chapter.

“Missouri families have been feeling it,” Cady told Missourinet. “They’ve been reducing the number of vacation plans that they have for the summer. And right now, we’re actually spending – what was it? – I think 32% more on energy prices across the nation right now.”

The average price for regular unleaded in Missouri as of June 12th is $3.06 a gallon. Cady says the $2.07 price tag at Friday’s event is what regular-unleaded cost in Missouri when President Biden took office three years ago.

“I think we’re gonna have lots of fun,” he said. “We’ve enjoyed doing these events in the past, and we get to talk to a lot of great individuals. Unfortunately, we hear a lot of the burdens that they face because of the increased costs.”

Friday’s event will be held at the MotoMart in Pacific, just south of I-44 at 279 North Payne Street. It will last from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. or until 200 drivers have bought discounted gas, whichever comes first. The $2.07 per gallon price is only good for regular-unleaded gasoline.

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