Donald Trump is still in the presidential race, despite being convicted last month on 34 felony counts. The felonies are related to hush money payments to a porn star he allegedly had sex with.

Trump said he’s an innocent man who has done nothing wrong. He blasts the judge and President Joe Biden for the outcome.

University of Missouri Political Sciences professor Peverill Squire said nobody running for office wants to be convicted during a campaign, let alone someone running for president. He expects this to “unsettle” the race.

“I’m sure that Trump will hold onto his core supporters, and they will find fault, not with the convictions, but with the process,” he explained. “Then, we’ll see what happens with people who may be less committed to Trump, whether they wander away from his campaign in favor of Biden or just withdraw from the process altogether.”

Even though he could be sentenced to prison next month, Squire admitted that it would be unusual for him to serve time considering his lack of previous convictions.

“On the other hand, he has not comported himself in a way that evidence is any contrition and he’s been rather hostile toward the judge and the process of that might work against him,” Squire said. “I don’t know how the judge will decide to come down.”

Missouri Congresswoman Ann Wagner, R-Ballwin, has labeled the verdict “shameful” and expects it to be overturned on appeal.

Squire thinks that Republicans devoted to Trump will see this conviction as an affront to justice, but he stops short of saying it could result in a popularity surge.

“I’m not sure it will probably add many voters to his base,” he said. “It is not a good look to have convictions on your record even if there is some skepticism about the particular set of laws or violations that maybe at stake.”

The Missouri Democratic Party said it has “faith” in the justice system and trusts that the jury “did not take this task lightly.” The jury was chosen by both the prosecution and defense teams.

There’s a difference between how this verdict plays out at the national level versus the state level.

“There’s nothing in the U.S. Constitution that prevents a presidential candidate from running while having a conviction, even a felony conviction,” he said. “It would be difficult at the state level. Most states have laws that prevent people in that situation from running for office, but we don’t have that at the national level.”

Trump’s sentencing date is July 11. An appeal is expected.

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