Missouri comes in at number two in the nation when it comes to failed driver’s license exams – that includes both written and on-road tests. That’s based on data recently published by USA Today.

Gary Gundy is a retired state trooper who now owns and operates a driving school in central Missouri’s Columbia. He told Missourinet that close to one-third of his students fail their first attempt.

“There’s probably a number of reasons for that, one being that there isn’t much driver education in the schools any longer,” Gundy told Missourinet.

He said budget constraints is the likely culprit behind the decline of driver’s education courses in Missouri’s public school system.

“Better education is needed,” Gundy said. “There is absolutely no doubt about that, and whether that’s through the schools or – I don’t know – maybe it could be a state-administered education program.”

Gundy suggested that the Missouri State Highway Patrol could be the ideal agency to conduct driver’s education courses.

Meanwhile, the state with the highest number of failed driver’s exams – Indiana.

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