A Democratic candidate for Missouri attorney general is arguing that Andrew Bailey is wasting taxpayer dollars by suing the Biden Administration over a student loan forgiveness plan. Elad Gross told Missourinet that the government should not be telling families what to do.

“I have a problem with our attorney general and a lot of the litigation he is choosing to participate in on behalf of the state,” disagreed Gross. “In this situation, there’s some questions about what kind of executive authority there is. I’m a big believer in separation of powers and also smaller government. There is a lot of authority out there for what the president is doing with this more tailored approach to student loan forgiveness versus what he was doing before. So, some of this will get worked out in the court system already, but we are spending a lot of taxpayer money on this specific case.”

Bailey argues that President Biden is sidestepping the Constitution by “saddling working Missourians with a half trillion dollars in college debt.”

“I think there are a lot of folks who are trapped in jobs, or they’re trapped in bad financial situations as a result of having a lot of debt, in this case,” Gross said. “A lot of that debt was issued to folks who really didn’t quite understand what that burden was going to be.”

Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, North Dakota, Ohio, and Oklahoma have joined Missouri’s lawsuit against Biden.

The federal judge in St. Louis could rule at any time.

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