A Missouri-based attorney for former president Donald Trump said last week’s guilty verdict could trigger political warfare across the U.S.

Will Scharf told Missourinet affiliate KCMO that it could lead district attorneys and attorneys general of one party filing criminal charges against elected officials in the opposite party.

“Pandora’s box is now open. And one of our founder’s great fears is, if you read James Wilson — if you the Federalist Papers — it was this idea that the political use of the courts could lead to an endless cycle of recrimination and political prosecution.”

Scharf called it the sort of thing that historically has been “the death knell of any republic.”

“We’re in just truly dangerous times for our constitutional republic, perhaps the most dangerous time that we’ve ever faced for those of us who care about the constitution, who care about the rule of law, and who care about the American experiment surviving,” he said. “It’s just astounding what the Left has been willing to do in this insane plot to get President Trump.”

The Missouri Democratic Party disagrees. Communications Director Chelsea Rodriguez said Democrats have faith in the justice system and trust that the jury in President Trump’s trial was fully vetted by each legal team and did not take their task lightly.

Scharf is seeking the Republican nomination for Missouri Attorney General.

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