Online scammers are taking advantage of people wanting to help the familes of two slain missionaries in Haiti.

State Rep. Ben Baker, R-Neosho, the father of Natalie Lloyd, told Missourinet affiliate KCMO in Kansas City that con artists have been creating fake fundraising pages to try and steal donations meant to help bring her and her husband’s bodies back to the U.S.

“It’s just awful how sometimes, and I’ve never experienced this, that how people can be just so awful in this kind of situation,” Baker said.

He said there are two legitimate GoFundMe pages dedicated to bringing Natalie and Davy Lloyd back home.

“One is from Jeremy Bridges and that is our pastor,” Baker said. “There’s another by Chris Slinkard and Dirk Deaton, which Dirk is a fellow (State) Representative of mine – a good friend – and Chris is a dear friend of ours.”

Donations can also be sent to Clark Funeral Home in Neosho.

Meanwhile, Baker received a phone call this week from former president Donald Trump.

“I got a call from President Trump to Naomi and I and the family, just expressing his condolences and his heartfelt sorrow for the situation and how much, you know, how beautiful the kids were when he saw their pictures,” Baker said.

He said the caller ID on his phone didn’t indicate who was calling. He found a quiet place in the house, answered the phone, and said he heard, “Ben, this is Donald Trump.”

“(He was) just so down to earth, the way he talked, and you could feel the emotion and the pain in his voice,” Baker said. “(It was) just one more thing that was encouraging to us, to know that so many people have heard Davey and Natalie’s story and that’s what we want. We want their story to be told.”

Davy, 23, and Natalie, 21, were working as missionaries with the Oklahoma-based group Missions in Haiti. Their church was attacked the night of May 23rd by an armed gang. They were both shot to death, along with Jude Montis, 47, local director of the mission. His funeral was held Tuesday in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital. Hundreds of mourners attended and also paid tribute to Davy and Natalie.

Several Missouri elected officials have also expressed condolences, including Gov. Mike Parson, U.S. Representatives Ann Wagner, Eric Burlison, and Jason Smith, and U.S. senators Josh Hawley and Eric Schmitt. It’s unknown whether President Biden has reached out to the Baker family.

Baker said he hopes the bodies of his daughter and son-in-law will come home later this week. He said that there are a number of obstacles to bring them back to the U.S.:

“It’s difficult, as you might imagine, with just the chaos in Haiti. It exacerbates everything, trying to get the documents and everything in place. You know, just getting them from the compound to where they’re at now, near the (American) embassy was, you know, just a painstaking process and a roller coaster of emotions,” he said.

Baker said they’ve secured an airline that’s agreed to bring them home this week, but it depends on whether all necessary documents can be completed in time.

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