Construction on expanding Interstate 70 to six lanes across Missouri is set to begin after the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

The first project will be upgrades to the I-70/US-63 intersection at Columbia, followed by upgrades at I-70 and US-54 at Kingdom City. Eric Kopinski is Program Director for Improve I-70.

“The traveling public, the local community, in Columbia will start to see a lot of action taking place at the connector – so at the 63/70 interchanges – where we will begin and will begin shortly after the July 4th weekend,” Kopinski told Missourinet.

The first round of public hearings were conducted earlier this month in Columbia and Kingdom City. Feedback so far indicates there’s excitement from the public to expand I-70 to six lanes, as long as it does not impact them too much or take too long.

“Once we were able to kind of explain that there’s been a lot of engineering that’s gone in place to try to make sure that we’re really confident that those are going to work well for not just four or five years down the road, but 20 years down the road, people will feel much more comfortable with what’s being done,” Kopinski said.

As far as the stretch between Kingdom City and Columbia, Kopinski said work on adding the two additional lanes should begin during late summer and early fall.

“Adding the third lane to eastbound and westbound (Interstate) 70 – the public’s very excited for it,” he said. “They’ve just said ‘try to do it without impacting us and try to do it as quickly as possible because we want these improvements to be felt as soon as possible.’”

The entire first phase of expanding I-70 is expected to take about three years.

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