One of the many casualties of this year’s gridlock in the Missouri Legislature were bills that would have banned our foreign adversaries from owning farmland in the state. Despite the proposed ban being one of the top Republican priorities this session, the Senate GOP friction was just too much for the bill to have a fighting chance.

Missouri House Speaker Dean Plocher, R-Des Peres, said several priorities died this year.

“You can’t get everything, right? It’s a process and the process should be difficult,” said Plocher. “So, I think it’s something that citizens should have to decide on and it should go to a vote perhaps.”

Several versions of the proposal were filed this year. Plocher expects the issue to return in the future.

“We have our priority list and we didn’t get all of our priorities done,” said Plocher. “But given the currents that were working against us, I was impressed and very proud of my colleagues for what we accomplished this year. I think it’s a very difficult issue. I think we all stand for good actors, foreign allies, investing in Missouri.”

He thinks the governor’s executive order helps, which bans ownership of ag land by foreign adversaries within a 10-mile radius of Missouri military sites.

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