Kansas City and one of its workers have gone their separate ways after the employee used the city’s X account to post which city Chiefs’ kicker Harrison Butker lives in.

Butker has been receiving backlash from some Democrats over his conservative viewpoints. During a recent graduation address at a private Catholic college in Kansas, Butker offered up his stance on motherhood, as well as criticism about Pride Month and President Joe Biden.

After the post, Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and Attorney General Andrew Bailey criticized the city and the worker, referring to the post as doxing.

Doxing is when a person’s private or identifying information, such as an address, is publicly released. The action typically has malicious intent, like harming the person, their property, or their loved ones.

In Butker’s instance, his city of residence was released – not his home address.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas told Missourinet affiliate KCMO about the city’s decision to “separate” from the worker.

“I think that to me, in many ways, resolves a lot of the back and forth that’s in the political world,” said Lucas. “I think there has been accountability from the city of Kansas City. We all look forward to moving on, let the Chiefs play, let the city do what it’s supposed to do in delivering basic services.”

On Twitter, Lucas said the message was clearly inappropriate for a public account. He said the city correctly apologized for the error.

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