Gov. Mike Parson has a decision to make – whether to sign a bill that would allow state licensed daycare centers for young children with complex medical conditions. The proposal getting the thumbs up this year from the Missouri Legislature would provide continuous nursing care in these centers for children under six years old.

Rep. Melanie Stinnett, R-Springfield, steered the bill through the House.

“The children that have these high medical needs can experience socialization with other children and they can experience love and care in a setting outside of their home, getting them used to experiences that otherwise, if they were receiving those services in their home, they wouldn’t have,” she said.

She said the bill is important for Missouri in more ways than one.

“Those private duty nurses that we see go into people’s homes currently are able to then care for a child in these daycare facilities and sometimes see more than one child at a time, which helps with our shortage of private duty nurses in our state,” says Stinnett.

No one spoke in opposition to the legislation sponsored by Sen. Rusty Black, R-Chillicothe.

For more information about Senate Bill 1111, click here.

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