A property tax relief bill awaits a possible signature from Gov. Mike Parson. It clarifies legislation that was signed into law last year, specifying that any senior age 62 or older is eligible for a freeze in their property tax rates. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer, R-Parkville.

“It’s targeted relief for seniors age 62 and older,” he explained. “You know, but I also believe and, one of the things that I may work on in a future legislative session or would like to see advanced, is to give some type of predictability to people who are under the age of 62 when it comes to their real estate property taxes.”

Luetkemeyer said that the proposal is in response to questions that have been raised about whether certain seniors are excluded.

“The issue that arose after we passed the bill last year was that there are a handful of seniors who, because they received public pensions, so for example schoolteachers, police officers, firefighters, they were not eligible under the bill that we passed last year for the senior property tax freeze because they don’t receive social security benefits,” he told Missourinet.

Luetkemeyer also explained that the bill updates the original legislation encouraging more counties to adopt the legislation to provide relief for seniors.

“You have to make sure that your county has adopted Senate Bill 190,” he said. “Which means going to your county commission, asking them to pass an ordinance implementing Senate Bill 190 and if the county commission refuses to do that, you can collect signatures that are the equivalent of 5% of the voters who voted in the last gubernatorial election, and you can put that issue on the ballot for a local vote.”

The measure awaits a decision from Gov. Mike Parson.

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