The Biden Administration is set to start providing a limited number of photo ID’s to immigrants, including those in the U.S. illegally.

U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Missouri, is sponsoring legislation that would defund efforts by the Biden Administration to issue ID cards to undocumented immigrants. The so-called ICE Secure Docket Card program will provide photo ID’s to migrants going through the immigration process.

“This is outrageous. It’s just a step towards providing them IDs that can be used in airports – heaven forbid, for voting. I mean, we have got to stop this,” Hawley told Missourinet. “The idea that nine million illegals would be allowed by Joe Biden over the border in violation of our law, then we would use taxpayer money to give them federal IDs, is outrageous. My bill would stop it.”

Fellow U.S. Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Missouri, said the ICE Secure Docket Card program is just further evidence that the Biden Administration is an “open borders” administration.

“It’s very obvious to anybody paying attention that this is a census play for the Democrats. You don’t actually have to be a citizen to be counted in the census for apportionment, you know — you figure out how many congressmen a state gets,” Schmitt said. “I think the real concern here is that this opens the door for fraud, for illegal immigrants registering to vote.”

According to CNN, the White House strongly denied the cards would be used to register non-citizens to vote but did say they could eventually be used as identification at airports. The Biden Administration maintains that the ICE Secure Docket cards will provide a more secure way for information to be stored instead of numerous paper documents. A soft rollout of the ID cards is expected this summer.

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