The lights were on, but no one answered at Kim Gardner’s address on record. State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick said Missouri has attempted to serve a subpoena to the former St. Louis Circuit Attorney to complete a state audit from 2021.

“I think the first service attempt was made on February 8 and the last one was made on March 15,” he said. “There were ten total attempts to serve a subpoena at what we had on file as her residence in St Louis. The service processor reported to us, lights were on, dogs were barking. It would appear that somebody was home, but nobody would answer the door.”

Fitzpatrick told Missourinet that there were many other attempts to reach Gardner.

“Prior to the subpoena, you know, we tried to contact her through a letter. We made several phone calls to phone numbers associated with her,” said Fitzpatrick. “I would say dozens of phone calls trying to reach her and contacted other associates of hers that we know probably know her whereabouts and have been unable to locate her.”

Gardner resigned last year over accusations of neglect of office, a laundry list of resignations and heaping caseloads. Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey also wanted Gardner out after a teenage athlete lost both legs in a St. Louis traffic crash by an armed robbery suspect who violated bond many times.

Fitzpatrick, a Republican, said his administration is not the only one that has been sidestepped by Gardner.

“The audit we’re conducting was started at the request of the Board of Aldermen from 2018. And it was started by Nicole Galloway and 2021, so we’re just trying to finish the audit. I think that’s an important distinction,” says Fitzpatrick. “This audit is now three years old and was languishing when I took office due to Kim Gardner’s refusal to cooperate with Nicole Galloway’s administration.”

Galloway, a Democrat, served from 2015 until Fitzpatrick took office in 2023.

Fitzpatrick said he will release the findings of the audit this year – with or without Gardner’s cooperation. But his office will continue to try to get in touch with her.

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