The Missouri Legislature has now passed 11 policy bills this session, including a wide-ranging proposal to help the military community. The legislation is sponsored by Sen. Ben Brown, R-Washington.

The plan has several components:

•Allows a full state tax deduction for military and National Guard enlistment and re-enlistment bonuses

•Makes it easier for veterans to get a handicap placard for their vehicle

•Covers the cost of military specialty license plates for veterans

•Requires the Missouri Veterans Commission to work with the Department of Mental Health to find ways to fight veteran suicide

•Awards veterans who served on active duty or National Guard members, from 2001 to 2021

The bill was inspired by one of Brown’s constituents. While out knocking on doors during his Senate campaign, a veteran shared the red tape required to get the placard.

“We have somewhat of a burdensome process here in Missouri in relation to other states,” Brown told Missourinet. “In other states, you are able to simply provide the letter from the VA stating your disability status and you’re able to get a handicap placard. Here in the state of Missouri, for whatever reason, we require a number of additional doctor’s visits and other red tape.”

Under Brown’s bill, a disabled veteran would instead show the DMV a document from the VA with evidence of their disability.

The proposal heads to Gov. Mike Parson for a decision. Parson is a U.S. Army veteran.

For more information about Senate Bill 912, click here.

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