Former St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner appears to have disappeared, according to State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick. He said his office has tried for months to get in contact with the former city circuit attorney, including attempts to compel her to testify over records to help complete an audit from 2021.

“Her resignation did not negate the duty we have to thoroughly assess the performance of St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s office under Kim Gardner’s leadership,” Fitzpatrick said at a news conference. “As I also said, it’s important that Kim Gardner be made to answer for her time as Circuit Attorney one way or another. I’m here today because it’s now clear that Kim Gardner does not want to answer for her time as Circuit Attorney.”

Fitzpatrick has enough information to compile a report, but he believes that Gardner should answer questions that could provide clarity about the decisions she made while serving as Circuit Attorney.

“Kim Gardner knows we’re trying to finish the audit,” he said. “She knows there are questions that only she can answer. She knows she has the answer that the people of St. Louis deserve, but to date, not only has she made no effort to respond to our requests, it appears that she’s willfully evaded our many efforts to obtain information that only she can provide.”

Fitzpatrick’s office says it has reached out to her legal representation to schedule an interview, made repeated phone calls to telephone numbers associated with her, contacted close associates and former coworkers, and made numerous attempts to serve a subpoena, all of which have been unsuccessful.

“You know what I would say is that I’m sure somebody’s willing to leave the state and never return, then that might be an effective way of not having to talk to us, but you know, we’re going to continue to look for her,” he said. “We have not given up on that yet. Like I said, at some point, we will issue the report with or without her cooperation.”

Gardner resigned last year over accusations of alleged neglect of office. Attorney General Andrew Bailey wanted Gardner out after a teenage athlete lost both legs in a traffic crash by an armed robbery suspect who violated bond numerous times.

Her office also dealt with a large wave of resignations and mounting caseloads.

Fitzpatrick said anyone who knows of her whereabouts should contact the State Auditor’s office.

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