The current global unrest has fueled an interest in preparing for a worst-case scenario like a nuclear attack. DEFCON Underground Manufacturing, based in Kansas City, specializes in underground bunkers, bomb shelters, and storm shelters.

Co-owner Cory Hubbard told Missourinet that he received a large spike in calls when tensions with Russia and Ukraine flared.

“With the Ukraine war, as soon as it kicked off and, you know, (Vladimir) Putin runs his mouth about something every other day, that really got a lot of traction,” he said. “People saw that as, you know, where could this go? As some older people probably reminded them of the Cold War and things like that. Maybe, you know, the road it could go down.”

Hubbard said many call just to get information and file it away, while others call and ask about building a shelter.

“A few of the questions we ask are how many people do you want to protect? What do you want to protect from? How long do you want to protect from it, and obviously what’s your budget? Then, we would basically go through there. What you’re protecting from typically considers how deep it is in the ground,” explained Hubbard.

The floor plans and prices may vary, but he said that they start out at about $100,000.

Hubbard addressed a popular misconception seen in popular media – that if a nuclear bomb goes off nearest you, you won’t be stuck underground for the next 50 years.

“With nuclear weapons, a lot of people think, oh one goes off, we’re stuck under the ground for years. That’s not really the case,” according to Hubbard. “Typically, you’re going to be able to start coming out, some, between 30 and 60 days. So, you really don’t need a ton of time just for that, but it’s nice even after that to have a place.”

Hubbard’s company has received a spike in calls over the last few years as tensions flare in eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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