“All are welcome in Kansas City” – that’s the message from KC Mayor Quinton Lucas in a social media post this week after visiting New York City to discuss immigration issues with Mayor Eric Adams and Denver Mayor Mike Johnston. Both cities have large number of immigrants that have overwhelmed housing and public services.

According to Bloomberg.com, Lucas is trying to persuade migrants who are eligible to work to come to Kansas City and help offset the city’s labor shortage.

“If you read the story, it actually speaks to those who have work permits. Those are things that are approved by our federal government,” Lucas told Missourinet affiliate KCMO. “These are people who are allowed to be here – often asylum seekers – but there may be any number of others who are looking for a place to be able to work.”

He points out the need for workers to build a battery plant for Panasonic and to build other new centers in the region.

Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe, who’s running for governor, called Lucas’ proposal “crazy.”

“My interpretation is it does not jive with state law and I think that’s why they’re trying to kind of disguise this as some other initiative,” Kehoe said. “Crime in our major cities is out of control. I would love the mayor and the city council to focus on backing our police and getting our community safer, not bringing more people in that could cause problems.”

Meanwhile, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is threatening legal action against Kansas City and Mayor Lucas over the mayor’s invitation to migrants to move to KC and find jobs. Bailey sent a letter to Lucas Thursday, saying that it’s a Class D felony to “knowingly transport an illegal alien in the state of Missouri.” Bailey also said his office will take legal action against “any person or entity found to be in violation” of state law.

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