Today is April 15. That means that the tax filing deadline is here.

The IRS is reminding last-minute tax filers that the agency has a plethora of free tools and resources available through their website,, including tax preparation, answers to tax law questions, refund tracking, tax law research, and business topics.

“Millions of taxpayers across the nation will be working on their tax returns during the final hours, and people should remember they have many ways to get last-minute help,” said IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel. “We have a variety of free tools on that can help with basic tax law questions, provide free filing options, update refund status and even provide ways to request an extension for more time to file.”

Despite the tax deadline being today, other taxpayers, such as certain active-duty military members and residents living abroad, automatically get more time to file.

If you need some extra time to file your tax return, there are several ways you can get an automatic extension through Oct. 15. To clarify, an extension grants extra time to file, but not the obligation to pay up. To avoid penalties and late fees, taxpayers who owe should pay either their full tax bill or at least what they can afford to pay by today’s deadline.

The IRS is estimating that as many as 19 million taxpayers will file for an automatic extension.

If you run out of time sending the tax returns and payments through the mail, you can still submit them electronically by 11:59 p.m. tonight through any online e-file program.

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