With about six weeks to go, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson doesn’t expect much from this legislative session. During a visit to St. Joseph, Parson, a Republican, said the legislature likely will complete its main task, passing the state budget, and not much else.

“Look, it’s a political year. I don’t think we’re gonna see a lot of movement out of anything too much,” he told Missourinet affiliate KFEQ in St. Joseph. “I hope we get the budget done. We’ll see what else happens with some of the other things out there, but it’s too early to find out what’s going to get across the finish line.”

Parson said political strife among fellow Republicans is getting in the way of work at the Capitol, blaming arch-conservative Republicans for blocking lots of bills in the Senate, often to enhance their profiles as they run for higher office. The list of Republican state senators running for higher office include Bill Eigel, who’s running for governor, Holly Thompson Rehder and Lincoln Hough, who are running for Lt. Governor, Denny Hoskins and Mary Elizabeth Coleman, who are running for Secretary of State, and Andrew Koenig, who’s running for State Treasurer. Also, Democrat Karla May is running for the U.S. Senate.

Parson worries national politics will also take its toll.

“There’s a lot of division on the federal level,” he said. “We just hope that that (doesn’t) really get down to the state level and we start just dividing up amongst ourselves and fighting – infighting – along with just all the other political things you got to deal with.”

Parson, a former state senator, suggests a little reflection on their first day at the state Capitol would do legislators a lot of good.

“Everybody needs to go back to that day when they first entered that building and realize how humble they were to be there and remember that’s what the real reason we’re there for,” he said.

While both the Missouri House and Senate have passed several bills this session, none have received final passage and been sent to the governor.

By Brent Martin of Missourinet affiliate KFEQ in St. Joseph

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