This week, A.T. Still University’s Missouri School of Dentistry is in southeast Missouri to provide dental work to anyone in need.

Dr. Herb Silva is leading the “Smiles of Hope” clinic.

“There’s a lot of need,” he told Missourinet. “And certainly, there’s a correlation in healthcare, that oral health care, that’s where it all starts, the rest of your health care comes from type of things. We have people that will travel up because they don’t have access to the care in the geographic area where they are down in the bootheel. Either that or the expenses are so preclusive they can’t touch with what we can do here.”

The clinic runs through Saturday at Lighthouse Church in Dexter.

Silva said there are openings available. Patients will have to wait in line.

“It’s been just acute services,” said Silva. “Mostly it’s extractions and then now we’ve added for the pre-prosthetic surgical patients that need to have the bone shaped or removed type of thing and certain things. But there’s no restorations, there’s no cleanings at this point in time.”

The clinic does not have eligibility requirements.

“In Dexter, there’s nothing that compares with the civilians gets an extraction done for 10 bucks and a veteran gets it done at no charge and so forth. So, you can’t touch the numbers in the services that they’re providing,” he said.

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