Retired four-star Admiral James Stavridis joined a list of foreign policy dignitaries who delivered timely speeches in Missouri about America’s security and our role in the world. Stavridis delivered what is known as the Enid and R. Crosby Kemper Lecture at Churchill Fellows weekend, at Westminster College, hosted by the National Churchill Museum there. He spoke from the same podium and in the same location at which Sir Winston Churchill delivered his famous “Iron Curtain Speech,” in 1946, which warned the world of the threat from the geographic push of the Soviet Union and “the two great dangers which menace the homes of the people: War and Tyranny.”

Stavridis, 78 years later, spoke on the same themes, while presenting a call to hope for the U.S. and how to navigate its future.  He is the only four-star admiral to serve as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and is an analyst for NBC news.

Watch his Westminster speech here:

Stavridis was installed as a Churchill Fellow, alongside state and national business and education leaders. Before his address, he spoke with Ashley Byrd for Missourinet’s show, Show Me Today– about his visit to the college — and about his parallel career as a fiction writer and his new book, 2054: A Novel.