The Missouri Democratic Party is holding its presidential preference primary this Saturday. Party Chairman Russ Carnahan encourages voters to participate.

“Our democratic processes and our system is only as good as the people who participate,” Carnahan told Missourinet. “And this is not something we should sit on the sidelines and think other people are going to take care of. Exercising your rights that people have fought and died for to go vote for the candidates of your choice that is so important to our democracy and our communities.”

Carnahan said voters will not be making pitches for their preferred candidate.

“It’s what some people call a firehouse primary, where you can go in and cast your ballot and leave,” he said. “It’s not where you stand in corners and people gather and figure out what your which candidates are viable.”

Voters can cast a ballot from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The roughly 100 voting locations for Saturday’s primary are listed on the party’s website.

“You can vote in any of the locations, it doesn’t have to be in your same county. There are a handful of counties that don’t have a polling location in them, but there are surrounding counties that are cooperating. So, people across the state have a nearby place where they can go participate,” said Carnahan.

Carnahan said the election is much different from previous years.

“We’re stuck with this really, what Democratic Party believes, is a bad law. We’re trying to make the best of it to really make lemonade out of lemons here. We’ve decided to do this in-person option of voting but also had allowed mail-in ballots before this,” he said. “This is not ideal for participate, for the parties, for our democratic process and certainly not for voters.”

Registered voters are allowed to participate, as long as you are not a registered Republican voter. You must present your voter registration card, utility bill, insurance card, or other document with your name and address on it.

Results are scheduled to be announced on March 28.

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