Republican lawmakers in Missouri may look to enshrine protection for human embryos into state law. The discussion follows a recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling which granted the same legal rights that living children have to frozen embryos created through in vitro fertilization.

Sen. John Rizzo, D-Independence, a top Democrat in the Missouri Senate, called it “absurdity at its highest level.”

“They are piggybacking off of, obviously, what’s happened in Alabama,” Rizzo told Missourinet. “Alabama realized the clear mistake that they made with, I guess, the Supreme Court decision and clearly corrected it. Unfortunately, you have people in the state of Missouri who are trying to piggyback off of that.”

After the ruling, Alabama’s governor signed a bill protecting IVF clinics.

In Missouri, the group “Making a Miracle” has been calling on lawmakers to expand access to invitro fertilization. They are backing a Missouri House bill that would establish a right to IVF treatments and a Senate bill that would exclude human embryos created through IVF from being legally defined as unborn children.

“People have worked incredibly hard and gone through a lot of emotional trauma in order to try to grow their families, in order to try to do whatever it is that they wanted to do to conceive a child and now the Republican Party is coming in at the eleventh hour and trying to pull the rug out from underneath them,” he said.

Rizzo said that this rhetoric is common during an election year just to “garner attention in order to gain votes at their next election.”

“Unfortunately, women have been at the behest of that,” he said.

The Missouri Republican Party has said that it plans to protect the lives of in vitro fertilized embryos and all other human embryos. That could come in the form of legislation or an initiative petition.

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