The Missouri Senate is considering a bill that would allow the death penalty to be used against someone convicted of certain sex crimes. The bill from Sen. Mike Moon, R-Ash Grove, would allow the death penalty for those found guilty of first-degree statutory rape or first-degree sex trafficking of a child.

“When someone abuses a child and, especially with sexual abuse, this can change them for their whole lives and it can destroy a child’s psyche,” he told Missourinet. “There are times where a person is not properly sentenced.”

Using a recent example, Moon said that he thinks it’s “just” to consider the death penalty.

“The sentence was 295 years,” he said. “So, it was like 8 plus 30-year life sentences. What good is that where a person is incarcerated, which, yes, they should be off the streets, but they are provided housing, food, and they’re cared for for the rest of their life when they’ve committed a heinous act.”

Opponents called the proposal unconstitutional. Opponents of capital punishment grilled Moon during committee meeting. 

“If I remember the question accurately, they questioned, why would you want to kill the father? I said, well, I didn’t use this term, but I’ll use it now, the sperm donor isn’t necessarily the father,” said Moon. “The father is someone who loves and nurtures the child or the family. So, I didn’t think the question was appropriate.”

He admits, however, that the bill has an uphill battle and does not expect it to pass.

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