Southwest Missouri Congressman Eric Burlison wants the U.S. House to create a subcommittee on UAP’s, commonly known as UFO’s.

Last year, Burlison, R-Mo. 7th District, took part in a congressional hearing in which three retired military members testified to unexplained phenomena, including one that claims the U.S. government is hiding evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial beings. Burlison sent a letter Tuesday to House Speaker Mike Johnson, asking him to create a subcommittee that would investigate the government’s response to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, the term now used in place of Unidentified Flying Objects.

In an interview with Missourinet last year, Burlison said he doesn’t believe alien species have traveled to Earth, and that what the witnesses saw were either “angels or manmade.”

Burlison’s letter also comes days after the release of a Defense Department report that says that no “verifiable evidence” of extraterrestrial activity has ever been found in nearly 80 years’ worth of reports.

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