In his State of the Union Address, President Joe Biden has laid out a plan to lower housing costs. During his address, he called on Congress to pass legislation that provides a $10,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers, people who sell their starter homes, and lower rental costs.

It’s something that U.S. Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) applauded.

“I have one message for the president, it is the same message that I’ve delivered since my first visit to the White House after the president was elected,” said Cleaver. “Housing first. Housing foremost. Housing fairness. Housing focus.”

Cleaver is a member of the U.S. House Committee on Financial ServicesThe committee responded to Biden’s address, saying that housing is the number one driver of inflation.

“We are, right now, living in a time where many families are teetering on the very edge of existence,” said Cleaver. “If you don’t have a house, your somebody-ness has been torn. If you don’t have a house, you’re not a part of the American dream. The dream is going on all around you. I know, I lived in a shack for seven years.”

Biden’s plan includes a request to build over two million homes that his administration said will “lower rents”, “make houses more affordable”, and “promote fair housing.”

“Our chairwoman has pushed and pushed and pushed and now the president is going to continue to push, and push, and push,” Cleaver said. “I will tell you this, if we had passed Build Back Better, which our chairwoman had authored, ladies and gentlemen, we would have done housing all over this country, and we would be in the process of reducing it.”

The plan also calls for down payment assistance for first-generation homebuyers of up to $25,000. The proposal is estimated to help 400,000 families purchase their first home.

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