A Missouri House bill would restrict the state’s private and public medical schools from being able to provide abortion-specific training. Rep. Justin Sparks, R-Wildwood, also wants to forbid partnerships with medical schools and clinics in other states from being able to provide that training.

Sparks told Missourinet that some research institutions have abortion-specific fellowships.

“They allow their doctors, they actually promote their doctors in a fellowship setting to go across state lines and perform abortions, elective abortions, in order to, by their own words, get the practice they need to become proficient or experts at abortions,” he said.

Exceptions would be allowed for educating on abortions specifically in cases of a medical emergency.

Sparks said that if the bill becomes law, the institution would be required to pay up in unspecified financial penalties.

“If a university or research institution is going to be involved in that practice, then there will be essentially a financial penalty on the endowment of such institution,” said Sparks. “OBGYN programs across the country already provide this training and provide it to an extreme level of proficiency, meaning, there is no need for an abortion fellowship for us to have our perspective doctors or doctors in training to go and perform elective abortion and terminating human life.”

Some Missouri Democrats, including Sen. Tracy McCreery, D-St. Louis, said the state “went too far” when it banned all abortions. The Missouri Democratic Party has endorsed campaigns underway to legalize abortion through amending the State Constitution.

Abortions were outlawed nearly two years ago when the state’s near-total ban took effect within hours of the U.S. Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade ruling.

Abortions in Missouri are only legal in cases where the mother’s life is in danger, but there has been confusion among some people over which medical emergencies constitute a threat to the life of a pregnant woman.

A hearing on Sparks’ bill has not yet been scheduled.

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