The state Senate is considering a bill that would change how jurors are paid in Missouri.

Under current law, a juror is to be paid seven cents per mile to and from their residence and the courthouse.

Sen. Curtis Trent, R-Springfield, is proposing to pay jurors 65-and-a-half cents per mile. Trent said state law also allows for different forms of compensation.

“The first option allows any county or the city of St. Louis to provide additional daily compensation and mileage allowance for jurors,” said Trent. “If a county pays an additional $6 or more in daily compensation, the total compensation would be at least $18 with the state of Missouri reimbursing the county for another $6 in compensation.”

In addition, the circuit court for each county may adopt a system currently employed by Greene and Clay Counties, which compensates jurors nothing for the first two days, but gives them fifty-dollars with the state employee mileage rate for the third and any subsequent days of actual service.

Eric Jennings, Government Relations Counsel for the Missouri Supreme Court consulted court staff in Greene County.

“It is something where they have experienced a savings over the years that they’ve had this in effect. It is not, although it may seem counterintuitive, it is not something that causes an issue with the jurors themselves. They are, by and large, willing to forego those first two days knowing that greater compensation is provided to those who’s serving a much longer period of time on the actual jury,” he said.

A Senate committee has not yet voted on the bill.

To view Senate Bill 1220, click here.

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