The Biden Administration wants to increase the number of Americans eligible to receive overtime pay.

A federal rule change proposed last summer would increase the minimum salary threshold for “white collar” overtime exemption from about $35,500 a year to $55,000 a year. Congressman Eric Burlison, R-MO, 7th District, said doing so would put a heavier financial crunch on employers.

“We all want everyone to get paid more money but at the end of the day if everyone’s being paid artificially inflated pricing then the result is that fewer people have jobs,” he told Missourinet. “Fewer people are able to get employed and it costs more money to buy the goods and services that we all want to enjoy because there’s fewer people producing.”

The Trump Administration raised the threshold to its current level in 2020, but Labor Department officials argue that many workers at those salaries are not being fairly compensated for the longer hours they work.

President Biden’s overtime rule change has not taken effect yet. The public comment period closed in November and responses are now being reviewed.


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