Missourians can request an absentee ballot for the April 2nd general municipal elections. Some of the items that voters could see on their ballot include school board elections and bond issues, as well as water and fire district board races.

Absentee voting is an option for registered voters who will be absent from their election authority jurisdiction on Election Day; confined due to illness or physical disability; taking care of someone who is confined due to illness or physical disability; have religious reasons; an election worker or in jail, or are a domestic violence victim participating in Missouri’s address confidentiality program.

To avoid any mail delivery kerfuffles, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft encourages Missouri voters to cast an absentee ballot in-person if possible.

“It’s better when people can to go vote in person,” he said. “You don’t have to worry about the post office losing your ballot. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you filled it out correctly. If you make a mistake on your ballot and you meant to vote in this race, but you actually voted twice in another race, if you’re there in person when you try to run it to the tabulator, it’ll give an error.”

He encourages voters who mail in an absentee ballot to do so at least three weeks before Election Day.

“What I’ll tell you is we’ve had instances where ballots took over two weeks,” said Ashcroft. “There’s one that I remember of where it was in St. Louis County, voters sending it to the St. Louis County Board of Elections, it took over two weeks.”

To vote absentee by mail, contact your local election office.

To vote absentee without an excuse, that option is available in person two weeks leading up to Election Day. A nonexpired driver or non-driver’s license, military ID, or passport is required.

To find voting locations and registration status, that information is available on the Missouri Secretary of State’s website.

The deadline to register to vote in the April elections is March 6.

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