In the wake of last week’s deadly shooting at the Chiefs Super Bowl celebration, one Missouri Democrat is calling for “commonsense” gun legislation.

Rep. Ashley Aune, D-Kansas City, wants Missouri to require someone to have a permit to carry a handgun in public.

“As a gun owner and as someone who respects the Second Amendment, I think it’s a dangerous, dangerous, way to approach firearms,” Aune said. “I think that it completely dismisses the safety aspect and the responsibility aspect of owning a firearm.”

She admitted that it is an uphill battle since Republicans control the legislature.

“It just seems like a non-starter in this building,” Aune said. “When I ask to have a conversation, most people want to pivot to public safety measures or how we arm more people or how we pass a law that says if the federal government thinks that a red flag law makes sense for the entire country that Missouri would say absolutely not, not here.”

Aune wants to overturn Missouri’s 2017 permitless carry law, which means you don’t need a permit to have a gun.

“Most gun owners I’ve talked to actually do have a concealed carry permit because it makes them feel safer to know that they have the capacity to use that weapon,” she explained. “I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that we allow folks to purchase and walk around our communities with weapons that they are not at all trained to use.”

Several attempts have been made in the House, including allowing guns on public transportation and in churches, and another to exempt guns and ammunition from sales taxes.

House Majority Leader Jon Patterson, R-Lee’s Summit, said that now is not the time for legislation that would expand gun rights.

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