In the wake of last week’s mass shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl celebration, a top Missouri Republican said now is not the time for two bills that would expand gun rights. House Majority Leader Jon Patterson, R-Lee’s Summit, said legislation that would allow guns on public transportation and in churches will take a back seat. So will another attempt to exempt guns and ammunition from sales taxes.

House Minority Leader Crystal Quade, D-Springfield, thinks she knows why the plug was pulled on these bills.

“I think the real answer is that they know that if they move those bills right now, that the public will freak out. They know that we will freak out,” she told reporters at a news conference.

Quade, who is running for governor, wants voters to get involved. She took aim at Republicans.

“As a super minority party, there isn’t a lot we can do when it comes to policy. We can get loud and we can draw attention to this but it is absolutely about who we send to represent us in the state of Missouri and absolutely voters need to hold these folks accountable,” she said.

Several House Democrats plan to file a resolution this week that would give local government more power to make their own public safety laws. What does Quade expect to happen with these proposals?

“I don’t expect the Republicans to do anything about this,” she said.

Quade was at the Super Bowl rally. She and others hid in a bathroom to protect themselves.

An argument that turned sour led to gunfire at the Chiefs celebration – killing one woman and injuring 22 others. Charges have been filed against two minors.

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