If help is needed to process this week’s mass shooting in Kansas City, Missouri reminds citizens that 988 is available.

State Department of Mental Health Director Valerie Huhn said 988 is a 24-hour source of support.

“We want to make sure it’s very, very clear that if you are experiencing a challenging reaction to the traumatic events, or if you are worried about a friend or a loved one that is experiencing a traumatic reaction to the events, 988 is a tool that you can use immediately,” Huhn told Missourinet. “There’s no definition of what crisis is. It’s what you are experiencing and how you are feeling and your concern for somebody that you know and love.”

She urged loved ones to check in on their family and friends regularly.

“This doesn’t go away in one week, one month, one year. This is something that our community will always be reminded of,” said Huhn.

The lifeline’s motto is someone to talk to, someone to respond, and somewhere to go.

“You will more than likely be connected to a fellow Missourian who is very familiar with the tragedy and can help walk you through the resources we have immediately available to you in your community, as well as other resources that you can access over time,” said Huhn.

She said Kansas City-area mental health providers are also working to respond to the needs of the community after Wednesday’s shootings.

The hotline can also point you to several of the state’s behavioral health crisis centers. It is available to call, text or chat virtually by going to 988lifeline.org.

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