The Kansas City Chiefs released a statement late Wednesday afternoon that all players, staff, and family members were safe after at least one shooting took place outside Union Station after the team’s Super Bowl rally.

Several Chiefs players and families were evacuated inside Union Station and were secured in a safe area after the initial reports of the first shots that were fired.

One of the first players to respond was linebacker Drue Tranquill, who just completed his first season in Kansas City.

Patrick Mahomes was next among many players to respond as well.

At a press conference at 3:30 Wednesday afternoon, Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves gave an initial report that 10-15 people were injured with one person dead, but KMBC-TV had since reported that 12 victims were being treated at Children’s Mercy Hospital alone. 11 of those were children and nine of those were for gunshot wounds.

Kansas City Police held an updated press conference at 5:30 pm CT.Β  Chief Graves says the area outside Union Station is still an active investigation. The gunshot wound total is up to 22, nine of those are children. There is one person confirmed dead and Graves said three people have been detained as part of the investigation.