(Jefferson City, MO) — Beginning February 24th, all local calls made within Missouri’s 573 area code must be placed using 10 digits. Medical alert devices and security systems must also be programmed to use the full 10-digit dialing.

Using three digits to reach 911 or 988 services will remain unaffected.

The change is due to Missouri’s new 235 area code. The state is running out of phone numbers within the 573 area code.

The 573 area code covers most of the eastern half of Missouri outside of the immediate St. Louis area.

Existing customers with a 573 area code will not lose or have to change their phone number. The new area code will be given to customers in the 573 region who request new service or additional phone lines.

Customers who live within the 573 area code have had six months to get used to dialing the full 10 digits.

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