The state senate debated a bill that would stop state fund from going to Planned Parenthood or other abortion providers in Missouri. The proposal to deny reimbursements from MO HealthNet comes while money stopped going to Planned Parenthood about two years ago.

Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman, R-Arnold is the bill’s sponsor.

“The Supreme Court has disallowed that once,” she said. “There’s a ruling that is currently under advisement that we haven’t had a decision that has been made yet. So, this is an attempt to once and for all make it clear in statute that this body and the state does not want any funds to be used or provided to a provider who is affiliated with Planned Parenthood.”

Coleman’s bill received harsh criticism from Democrats, including Sen. Tracy McCreery, D-Olivette, who wanted exceptions to be made for cases of rape or incest. 

“I think the consensus is that Missouri law went too far when they banned all abortions that where there was no sensibility no compassion, no empathy for women survivors of rape who became pregnant and there was absolutely no way for them to have access to reproductive healthcare, no access to abortion in the state where they live,” she said.

Abortion is banned in Missouri, except in cases of medical emergencies. 

The bill was laid aside Wednesdaybut it could be taken back up for debate at a later date.

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