Missouri has been awarded a federal grant to help bolster staffing at the state’s seven veterans homes. For the second year in a row, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has awarded the one-time $780 payment.

This time, the grant is for current full-time registered nurses (RN), senior licensed practical nurses (Senior LPN), licensed practical nurses (LPN), senior support care assistants and support care assistants. The grant also allows the $780 differential to be paid to candidates hired into full-time as an RN, a senior LPN, LPN, senior support care assistant, and support care assistant positions between December 16, 2023, and July 1, 2024.

Aimee Packard, with the Missouri Veterans Commission, told Missourinet the current vacancy rates are:

LPN – 90%
RN – 43%
Senior Support Care Assistant – 37%
Support Care Assistant – 32%

When the Missouri Veterans Commission was awarded the grant last year, only support care assistants were eligible for the payment. During fiscal year 2023, the veterans homes had a 53% overall vacancy rate for support care assistants, 18% for senior support care assistants, 13% for LPNs, and 24% for RNs.

In addition to the one-time differential, the commission offers a paid certified nursing assistant (CNA) training course. The training allows people to earn a paycheck while attaining their CNA certification at no cost.

Missouri has Veterans homes in Cameron, Cape Girardeau, Mexico, Mount Vernon, St. James, St. Louis, and Warrensburg.

To view MVC position openings, click mocareers.mo.gov/dps/mvc/apply.

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