Since its expansion into the Show-Me State, America’s oldest brewery, Yuengling, is seeing a surge in growth. Pat Pikunas, General Manager of the Yuengling Company noted that one of the reasons is last year’s advertising fiasco with Bud Light.

“For whatever reason, consumers are, a very popular light beer that experienced some consumer challenges this year,” Pikunas said. “So, you have this dynamic where light beer consumers are searching for alternative, you know, products.”

Pikunas also noted that 2023 was the first year the company expanded to three Midwestern states at one time, including Kansas and Oklahoma.

“Which we haven’t done,” he said. “Only one other time in my 20 years in the, really, the history of the company, have we ever expanded it to three states at one time. So, that, in of itself, is going to surge your popularity and surge your talk value and surge your business.”

According to the company, the brand notched triple-digit growth rates for dollars and volume through December 3rd after its Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma expansion.

“To see now that these great light beers that we’ve been making for the last several years doing so well is remarkably rewarding,” said Pikunas. “I think it’s just giving consumers a chance to taste not only our flagship, which is, you know, more maltier, fulfilling beer, to really taste these refreshing light beers that we make.”

In the last four weeks, sales figures for Flight, its ultra-light beer, grew by over 200%.

He said consumers are looking for a light beer alternative and have turned to America’s oldest beer.

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