Could victims and survivors of abuse be granted lifetime protection from their abusers? That’s what lawmakers in the Missouri Senate could consider under a bill filed by Sen. Mike Moon, R-Ash Grove.

“If there is a dangerous felony conviction that presents itself and would warrant lifetime protective orders, then that’s what we’re hoping to do,” said Moon. “So, it’s pretty simple. It’s primarily to protect the victims.”

The bill mirrors a 2022 Arizona law that was named after Kayleigh Kozak, a student athlete who was abused by a coach that attempted to contact her after his conviction.

“When she was a young student athlete, she was abused by a coach and shortly after he was convicted, he attempted to make contact with her again and so, she was not protected,” Moon said.

Under the bill, the order would be in effect for life unless the victim dies, the conviction is dismissed, expunged, or overturned, or the victim requests that the order be terminated.

Moon said current law requires victims to file for protection from their abuser through a restraining order.

“It has to be a decision made by the court and so when there’s a conviction made in a particular case, they would petition the court for that particular order,” explained Moon. “That would be the case in the lifetime protective orders as well.”

The bill has been referred to a senate committee that could hear the bill soon.

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