A dose of winter weather could make some Missouri roads tricky to drive on today and Tuesday.

A winter storm warning continues through 6 p.m. Tuesday for the northern half of the state, while parts of central Missouri are under a winter weather advisory through 6 p.m. Tuesday. Central Missouri could get three to five inches of snow. The northern half of the state could get seven to 12 inches.

The Missouri Department of Transportation says it is ready to fight the ice and snow. Bobby Slater, MoDOT’s assistant maintenance liaison, said the state will be focusing its road clearing work in much of the northern part of the state.

“Well, it’s a storm, it’s going to hit a lot towards the northern part of our state. We are, for a central district, we’re focusing kind of on our northern part of the central district. And then we’ve got folks that we send out to help other districts if it gets worse in other districts,” he said.

Slater said the department has about 3,000 employees covering around 34,000 miles of roads statewide.

“We are very prepared for it,” he said. We have all of our salt are full up and all of our employees are waiting for it. We’re on schedules for our employees covering 24 hour shifts. We have several truck drivers that are, that’ll be their first time plowing snow. We’ve got some that we hired last year that, we didn’t get much done last year, so they got to get reacclimated in the trucks.”

Slater advises drivers to slow down earlier on.

“This particular storm, there’s going to be a real wet and heavy snow, so it’s going to be a lot of slush on the road. So, it’s a little bit different than your typical normal snow we have,” Slater said. “But, you know, it tends to you can feel the slush a little bit further out of the plow, so you got to slow down a little more and watch for mailboxes, and things like that. If you don’t have to drive. and you don’t have to get out, please don’t get out. But if you do, give our plows and our drivers plenty room to do their job. Always leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you. Drive for conditions.”

To see the latest road conditions, check out MoDOT’s traveler information map.

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