State Parks all over Missouri are providing an opportunity to start the new year on your feet.

On January 1st, you can participate in a nationwide movement through America’s State Parks called “First Day Hikes.” Information officer Tisha Holden said there are trails to select at varying levels of difficulty.

“There are some that are a little more for advanced hikers,” she said. “On the website, it will tell you if it’s an easy trail, it’ll tell you about the train, if it’s a paved trail or if it’s a rocky surface it’ll give you all the information there and you can kind of pick and choose where you want to go from that.”

Thirty state parks are participating in the hike, and Holden said the sign-up process is easy.

“America’s State Parks is…trying to keep track of how many people sign up and how many actually go on the hikes,” Holden said.

Registration is required but there is no charge. To find out where you can participate, head to

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