A report by an international consulting firm says businesses who adopted artificial intelligence early on experienced a 100% cash flow increase. According to a McKinsey & Company report, if businesses don’t adopt AI, they will see a 20% cash flow decline.

One of the country’s leading artificial intelligence experts, Sadie St. Lawrence, said if businesses start using AI, they will still see a cash flow increase.

“The key message is just start, right? Just start because this wave is coming and it’s going to take you no matter what,” St. Lawrence told Missourinet.

Whether artificial intelligence will be a job killer is a question popping up by some people in the business world. St. Lawrence said a study by Open AI and a few other collaborators shows artificial intelligence cannot replace a worker’s entire job.

“What it did is it could do a few of the tasks within their job,” said St. Lawrence. “And that’s why I think it’s so important for individuals to realize it’s here to augment you. And that’s where those efficiency gains are given, right? It’s by having your employees work alongside it, work with it, but it can’t do everything that they do.”

AI has ranked in the 98 percentile of IQ tests. It has passed almost every AP, science, history, and writing exam, along with medical board exams and the LSATs.

Artificial intelligence is making its way in the classroom, the workplace, the battlefield, and likely the 2024 elections. St. Lawrence said to protect your privacy, stay away from the free AI tools.

“Do I have concerns about, you know, my own privacy and then the privacy of others? But finally, how is it using that information? Is it spreading misinformation? So I think we’re about to really enter a privacy and information almost war than we’ve never seen before,” said St. Lawrence.

A top concern is how AI will affect the privacy of minors.

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