A top Missouri Democrat wants to get rid of sales taxes on groceries. House Minority Leader Crystal Quade, who is running for governor, is proposing to eliminate all sales tax on groceries at the state and local levels.

“Really, when I’m looking at what can make the biggest impact for Missouri families and help folks and where can we intervene as the state government to help individuals, everybody buys food. And we know that regardless of whether you are struggling one month or you have access, you’re still going to go to the grocery store,” said Quade. “From single moms to working class families, everyone will benefit from this change.”

Quade, from southwest Missouri’s Springfield, said her legislation could save families about $700 dollars annually.

“Missouri shouldn’t be taxing things we all need to survive,” said Quade. “We can fund our schools and we can invest in infrastructure without taxing things like food. Funding schools and staff must be a priority, not an afterthought. We can do this through our state budget, not on the backs of families buying needed groceries.”

Missouri’s grocery tax is 1.225%. The municipal grocery tax varies across the state. It is as much as 8%.

Can Missouri afford her plan? According to Quade, it can.

“Ways that we will help make up some of this last revenue, as I mentioned, is taxing the yacht loophole. You all may know in the state of Missouri we do not collect taxes on things like yachts. And we’re also going to add a 1% tax on foreign ownership of ag land,” Quade told Missourinet.

Quade’s plan would also create a fund for local governments to recover lost funds.

Similar proposals have been filed in previous years by Republicans and Democrats.

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