Another year, another attempt at eliminating the twice-a-year time change in Missouri. State Rep. Jamie Gragg, R-Ozark, has pre-filed a bill in the Missouri House that would make Daylight Saving Time the new Standard Time in the Show-me State.

“I’ve read all the polls and I’ve done discussions around the state,” Gragg told Missourinet. “The predominant preference is the daylight savings, because it gives more time – daylight hours – in the second part of the day when kids are getting off the bus, when dads are getting home from work.”

The bill, officially known as “The Daylight Saving as New Standard Time Pact,” has an estimated fiscal note of zero dollars.

“During the wintertime, of course, they’re shorter on both sides of the day,” Gragg said. “It’s darker in the morning, it’s darker at night, but at least it would give us more daylight towards the second half of the day when people are home and trying to spend time with the family.”

He opposes the idea of making the current Standard Time permanent, which the states of Arizona and Hawaii observe.

“What that would do is it would make it darker earlier in the evening and give families less time (than) daylight hours to do things together,” Gragg said. “But the going back and forth is really the main thing (that needs) getting rid of.”

Gragg suggested that the twice-a-year time change contributes to health problems and more traffic crashes, especially after falling back to Standard Time in November.

The decision would not be Missouri’s alone, though. Even if the bill becomes state law, Congressional approval would be required for Missouri’s switch to permanent Daylight Saving Time.

The U.S. Senate passed a similar bill last year that would have adopted Daylight Time nationwide, but the House failed to take it up. It’s been reintroduced in the Senate this year by Marco Rubio, R-Florida. Retired U.S. Senator Roy Blunt, R-Missouri, co-sponsored the earlier version of the bill that didn’t make it out of Congress.

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